About us...
Lynx Lynx is the scientific name of the European lynx. Going to the vet we were often asked "Is that a Lynx?!?"...so we got the inspiration for the "surname" to give to our kittens.

We breed Maine Coon with a lot of passion since 2008. Lynx Lynx is an AGI-WCF registered cattery.

We are a small cattery located in Fara Vicentino, a village where you can find peace, beautiful landscapes and excellent wine. It is situated in a hilly countryside, really closed to Vicenza and quite near Venice. All our cats are tested for HCM, PKD, SMA and of course for the common cat's deseases (FIV, FELV, HERPES, CLAMIDYA AND CALICIVIRUS).

We pay a lot of attention firstly to health. We "studied" a lot before deciding to start breeding. Our "project" is run with passion and it is not a business! Our goal is to give birth to healthy, strong and beautiful cats.

Our cats live with us, in our home. They can also stay out, but only in a secure terrace. We deeply believe that a cat must be first a pal, then a show winner. We clearly want to have show kittens and we try to choose super cats, but socialization and health come first.

We are in love with the Polydactil Maine Coon. Our dream is to have extreme and healthy poly babies! We pay attention to mix old, strong American-Canadian poly lines with super show European ones!

I hope you will enjoy your visit! Silvia & David